Yutong Models

Yutong Bus ZK6938H

Reliable and durable chassis fitted with internationally renowned electrical components improves reliability.

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Yutong Bus ZK6930H

Adopting reliable raw materials and advanced technologies, and supported by engine thermal management system.

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Yutong Bus ZK6107H

Thermal management technology of engine and rational matching of powertrain create favourable fuel consumption.

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About Yutong

From 1993-2014, Yutong is dedicated to creating greater value for you with the innovative wisdom over the last 21 years.

Starting in 2005 to 2015, Yutong buses have been exported to over 120 countries and regions, like Russian,Ghana, Sudan,Guba, Venezuela,Peru,Israel, Macedonia, France,Singapore,Philippines , Saudi Arabia , etc., which are widely trusted by customers.

With Think One Yutong as the authorised distributor for the Yutong brand of Buses in Singapore, you can ensure a follow-on after care service for your investment.